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I’m afraid sheer weight of work has prevented me from posting the full ‘Should I upgrade to Windows 10’ article I was planning, giving my reasons for the decision largely not to recommend it at the moment. It is still possible that Microsoft will change my mind between now and the July deadline… watch this space!

In the meantime, here’s my current recommendations for each version of Windows in quick one paragraph summary form. I’m including versions that aren’t eligible for the free upgrade too, with an interesting option to coax some extra life from machines that should have been pensioned off already.

Windows XP – if you’re still on XP, it’s a security risk. Consider switching to Linux Mint –  a free, secure system, very much like Windows. Several customers have switched and are using it as their only system. I’ll be posting an article or two about it in the next month or so. In a ‘putting my money where my mouth is’ moment, I’ve switched almost all my machines to use it, including the one my wife is using. I think this will tell you how confident I am that it is a viable alternative…

Windows Vista – if you’re on Vista, you won’t be offered the free Windows 10 upgrade. Your machine will probably be running slowly by now and Microsoft will only be supporting it with security updates for another year so, like XP users, consider Linux Mint.

Windows 7 – still an excellent system and supported by Microsoft until 2020. Windows 10 will be marginally quicker but there are a number of reasons (in particular, relating to privacy, updates and future cost) that prevent me recommending it. Sticking with it would not be a problem, or install Linux Mint side-by-side and try it out without affecting your existing system.

Windows 8 and 8.1 – Windows 10 should be a ‘no-brainer’ upgrade (I hate Windows 8 so much…). However the aforementioned privacy, update and cost issues mean I still don’t really feel able to recommend the change, as long as you’re running one of the free ‘make Windows 8 look just like Windows 7’ programs I routinely install.

Windows 10 – if you’re already on Windows 10, you need to check your privacy, update and wifi settings to avoid sharing with Microsoft and others rather more than you might feel comfortable with. If I’ve visited you recently, I’ll have done it for you already. More on this anon.

Windows 10 installed in the last month? It is possible to revert to the previous version of Windows within thirty days, if you don’t like it.

What is this Linux Mint?

Keep an eye out for a mega-article in the next month or so.

Final Warning to avoid getting Windows 10 unexpectedly

As of Monday 8th February, Windows 10 becomes a Microsoft ‘Recommended Upgrade’, meaning if you haven’t followed the steps I set out in this article, you need to do it in the next few days. You have been warned!

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