PC and laptop upgrades

Computers these days are a real bargain. They’re not cheap (unless you know where to look…) but they’re so powerful that they’ll do just about anything you need them to.

But eventually you might find your trusty old machine running out of steam:

  • getting very slow
  • disk almost full
  • antivirus expired
  • slow to start up

This might be a sign that it just needs a little upgrade: a larger hard disk, more memory, or even just a PC tune-up.

We’ll give your machine a thorough once-over and recommend what you need to bring it back up to speed.

To be honest, sometimes it is just time to invest in a shiny new machine. In that case, we won’t charge you for needless ‘upgrades’ – we’ll give you impartial PC buying advice to help you find the machine that best suits your needs.