Goodbye, Windows XP

So Microsoft have finally decided that Windows XP has reached the end of the road and that they will no longer be updating it each month. But does it matter to you, if you still have an XP machine? After all, what’s the worst that could happen?
There’s a war going on. Every month, the enemy finds new ways of breaking into Windows and every month Microsoft send out updates to prevent that happening. Until, in XP’s case, now.
The problem is, each Windows version  contains some of its predecessor’s DNA. As a result, if Microsoft put out an update to fix a security hole in, say, Windows 7, it’s quite likely that the same problem exists in Windows Vista and, possibly, in XP too.
So the enemy forces will be pulling apart each new Windows update to find what problem it tries to fix, and then seeing if that problem exists in XP too. If it does, they have a ready-made way of breaking into a PC, in the certain knowledge that Microsoft will never prevent it.
That’s why now is the time to invest in a new PC. At oapc, we don’t sell computers, but we’re happy to advise on best buys and value-for-money PCs. At the moment, our favourite recommended PC is around £400 or less and, bearing in mind most XP machines are six or more years old, the difference in speed and security has to be seen to be believed.
Now, Windows 8 has justifiably had a bad press. On tablets and phones it’s fine but, on PCs with a mouse and keyboard, it is awkward and needs a lot of re-learning. But by adding a small free program, we can make Windows 8 behave just like a fast, more secure version of Windows 7 which, from the experience of the XP users we’ve helped to date, seems to make all the difference and takes away the unfamiliarity.
XP has been a faithful servant but it’s time to let it go and look to the future. It’s nowhere near as frightening as you might think!

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