Computer training

As well as repairs, we often find that customers just need a little help to get more from their computers, tablets, e-readers and smartphones. It’s part of our job to help you make the most of that box in the corner.

Here are a few of the things we’ve helped with in the last few months:

  • organising photo collections (7500 pictures of sea slugs, neatly catalogued, or just ten years of holiday pictures)
  • keeping in touch with the family – talk face-to-face with friends and relatives too far away to visit
  • organising bridge club results
  • copying old school play videos to a PC and then to DVD
  • writing letters (sometimes even the simple things work better after a little help)
  • improving old, treasured photos or even new ones: baby pictures, holidays, you name it
  • making sure you don’t lose those treasured pictures, music and videos: help with backing up your valuable information
  • saving money with online shopping, or just getting more comfortable with using the internet in general

If you need help, we’ll do our best to make it simple.