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Another stunt to get you on Windows 10…

In my last post, I forgot to mention the adverts for unwanted software in your Windows Start menu and, according to some accounts, randomly popping up on your desktop. Also, the box I mentioned here has been subtly updated so that clicking the red X to dismiss it now signifies your consent to install Windows 10, rather […]

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Windows 10 – latest

I’m afraid sheer weight of work has prevented me from posting the full ‘Should I upgrade to Windows 10’ article I was planning, giving my reasons for the decision largely not to recommend it at the moment. It is still possible that Microsoft will change my mind between now and the July deadline… watch this space! In […]

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Updates – what do I need (and what should I avoid?)

Something I see again and again is a PC slowed to a crawl by all sorts of unwanted programs. There is a lot of free software available on the internet and some of it is very good but, understandably, sometimes the makers of free software would like you to upgrade to the paid-for version, and […]

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