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Shock news about Coronavirus and onions

This article first appeared in the Heacham Newsletter: Firstly this month, an apology. Last month’s article looked at newspapers and how news can often be ‘spun’ to present a particular point of view. It contained a number of footnotes with the sources for the facts and figures, so that readers could check them for themselves. […]

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I read the news today. Oh boy.

Many years ago, in a different world in a different time, I owned a newsagents’. It’s a trade I love (I still tidy the magazine racks when I visit W H Smith) but that these days seems to sadly be becoming something of an anachronism, as more and more people seek their news online or, […]

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Lessons from Lockdown, Part Two

As I write this, lockdown is easing, visitors have arrived in droves, and there is a sense of greater freedom for some. Others, though, are still wary – and who knows what will have happened by the time this is published! So the oapc guide to home-based activities continues… TV and streaming With most of […]

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It could be you! But it probably isn’t.

Last month we looked at a few real email messages and unpicked some of the technical clues to watch out for: • who sent the message? • if I click the thing they want me to click, where will it take me? But there’s often an easier way to spot a wrong ’un and that’s […]

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How to spot a fraud

On moving to Heacham, I gave up my previous career as an international counter-intelligence operative, working out of a smoke-filled basement somewhere in Westminster. Hello, I’m calling from BT. We’ve noticed some unusual activity on your line and we’d like to help you resolve the issue now. Which of those two paragraphs do you think […]

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Stop Press: new Windows 10 upgrade box

Had a box pop up offering the Windows 10 upgrade with just two choices: now and tonight? There is a third option – click the red X to close it down. I’m afraid Microsoft are so desperate to push everyone onto Windows 10 that they’re making it just about impossible to say no. There’ll be […]

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Goodbye, Windows XP

So Microsoft have finally decided that Windows XP has reached the end of the road and that they will no longer be updating it each month. But does it matter to you, if you still have an XP machine? After all, what’s the worst that could happen? There’s a war going on. Every month, the […]

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