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Save money – Have the Kenyan Road Minister pay your TV Licence!

Last month, we looked some of the basic information you need to help unravel whether a website is legitimate or not. I thought this month I’d share a few emails I’ve received, with some tips on how to spot the dodgy ones. Although old-fashioned viruses still exist, the majority of threats to your computer, phone […]

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New email scam

There’s a new email scam doing the rounds, which has tripped up three of my Heacham customers in one day (to my knowledge). I’m preparing a series of articles for the website on online safety, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know. The email sender (probably a random individual who’s had his […]

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Important note for TalkTalk and Sky customers

Although they don’t seem to have been very open about admitting it, TalkTalk had their customer records hacked a little while back. I can only take their word for their claim to have emailed every customer but the customer I visited recently, who had received a phone call apparently from ‘TalkTalk’ and had been persuaded […]

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Serious new infection

Don’t fancy losing every single document and photograph? Read on… For some time now reports have been circulating on the internet and, recently, in newspapers and on the TV news, of an infection that encrypts every file on your PC and will not allow you to view them until you pay the virus-writer a sum […]

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Don’t be caught out by telephone conmen!

The phone rings. A voice tells you they’re calling from Microsoft (or Windows) and that you have a problem with a virus on your computer. They ask you to type in a couple of commands, which bring up a frighteningly technical-looking stream of gobbledygook. According to the caller, this confirms their fears but they can […]

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