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Goodbye, Windows 7. We’ll miss you.

January 14th 2020 is a sad day. It’s the day that Windows 7 reaches its ‘end of life’ and I feel like I’m losing an old friend. But what does ‘end of life’ mean, and how does it affect you? Read on… Until Windows 10 came along, Microsoft supported each Windows version for ten years, […]

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Shop around for insurance, energy and phones

A little while back, someone said to me, “I’m too old to change my gas supplier”. Sadly, loyalty does not pay. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found that insurance firms specifically target loyal customers with big premium increases, knowing they are less likely to switch. And according to Citizens Advice, customers who stay loyal […]

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New email scam

There’s a new email scam doing the rounds, which has tripped up three of my Heacham customers in one day (to my knowledge). I’m preparing a series of articles for the website on online safety, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know. The email sender (probably a random individual who’s had his […]

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Windows 10 – still undecided? Or already made your mind up and want to try an alternative? Read on.

Right, that’s it. I’ve spent many a happy hour ranting about Windows 10 and Microsoft. It spies on you, it pops up adverts in your start menu. If updates break it, there’s little you can do about it. The latest update has, deep in the code, something enabling ‘Windows Subscriptions’, so you can be reasonably […]

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Another stunt to get you on Windows 10…

In my last post, I forgot to mention the adverts for unwanted software in your Windows Start menu and, according to some accounts, randomly popping up on your desktop. Also, the box I mentioned here has been subtly updated so that clicking the red X to dismiss it now signifies your consent to install Windows 10, rather […]

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And finally… Windows 10 – why I can’t recommend it

You’ve got until July 28th 2016 to finally decide whether to take advantage of the ‘free’ Windows 10 update offer. I’ve been waiting and waiting, in the hope that Microsoft will make some changes that change my mind but they haven’t so here’s my last (but one) post on the subject. I’m going to try to […]

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Windows 10 – latest

I’m afraid sheer weight of work has prevented me from posting the full ‘Should I upgrade to Windows 10’ article I was planning, giving my reasons for the decision largely not to recommend it at the moment. It is still possible that Microsoft will change my mind between now and the July deadline… watch this space! In […]

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Stop Press: new Windows 10 upgrade box

Had a box pop up offering the Windows 10 upgrade with just two choices: now and tonight? There is a third option – click the red X to close it down. I’m afraid Microsoft are so desperate to push everyone onto Windows 10 that they’re making it just about impossible to say no. There’ll be […]

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Windows 10, whether you want it or not (and how not to get it)

The fun continues. Microsoft have decided that, even if you have expressed no interest in Windows 10, you’re going to get it early next year. If you don’t want it (and I’ll be posting an article about that very shortly) I need you to urgently check a setting on your computer. Why am I doing […]

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Windows 10 Update

Regular customers will already know my current thoughts on the free Windows 10 upgrade. I’m putting together an update to that post but thought I should pass on details of Microsoft’s latest stunt promotional activity – forewarned is forearmed, etc. I recently visited a customer to resolve a problem and in the course of the […]

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